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Stop the Press using Transphobic terms and deliberately mixing pronouns. Transphobia Kills, help those like this little girl live the life they deserve.

'Sex-swap/change', 'tranny', 'gender pot', 'peter pan pills', 'gender confused', 'gender bender' etc. the use of the word 'he' when referring to a girl or woman and 'she' when referring to a boy or man are deliberately belittling the individual concerned. These terms are not only offensive to Transgender children and adults but are also fundamentally incorrect and uneducated. These terms are outdated and based on bigotry on the part of the Journalists using them. People with gender identity issues are being murdered, beaten, threatened with their lives, bullied, teased, intimidated, disowned and are prone to suicide both attempted and successful and self harm. The Press being an extremely powerful medium has the responsibility to ensure they are not aiding peoples ignorance and hatred and increased lack of self esteem.  

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