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Sane Energy Project was formed in January 2011 to stop the Spectra pipeline. 

Spectra Energy is proposing a 30-42" high-pressure natural gas pipeline to run through Northern New Jersey, Staten Island and under the Hudson River, entering Manhattan at the Sanitation Pier by Gansevoort Street and the West Side Highway, in conjunction with a natural gas storage vault. This pipeline would be similar in size and pressure rating to the destructive and deadly San Bruno, CA pipeline, which exploded in September 2010, destroying 37 houses and killing 8 people.

This Spectra pipeline is unnecessary. This would not bring "energy independence" to the city as Mayor Bloomberg purports.  We are not willing to risk the health, security and environmental safety of our city and populace for corporate gain.

Sane Energy Project opposes the development, transport and export of shale gas. We  support investment in renewable energy and the goal of zero carbon dependence by 2030. 

Please sign our petition which will be delivered to the relevant politicians and help us stop the Spectra pipeline.  Thanks!


Letter to
City Council Speaker Christine Quinn
You have been leaders in promoting environmental responsibility for our city. I share your vision of a safe and sustainable future for New York. Thank you for filing as intervenors in the proposed Spectra pipeline project and for your ongoing support in the fight against hydraulic fracturing. By your interventions, you’ve also recognized the impact that the Spectra pipeline could have on all of New York City.

I am writing to urge you to pass a City Council resolution against the construction of the proposed Spectra pipeline. The pipeline is a direct threat to public health, safety, property values and the economy of lower Manhattan. It is also unnecessary and wrongly invests in fossil fuel infrastructure when New York City can and should be investing in sustainable energy infrastructure.

The proposed pipeline will not bring clean energy to New York. As stated in the pipeline application, this pipeline would bring Marcellus shale gas to market. This would encourage further production in gas fields upwind and upstream from New York, with ruinous impact on water supplies that are essential to our existence as a city. Air pollution from gas field and pipeline emissions will more than negate the purported “clean burning” advantage of gas. Global climate will suffer as evidenced by a Cornell study, published April 2011, that documents shale gas as a much more potent emitter of greenhouse gases than even coal or oil.

Nor would the pipeline enhance the security of New York’s energy supply. The result will be that New York will be more, not less dependent on volatile supplies and prices of fossil fuels. A vast network of pipelines and export facilities will enable natural gas to seek the highest global bidder. We do not want New York to compete for gas with hungry emerging markets like India and China. Sustainable sources like wind, tide and solar on the other hand will not be subject to such price competition.

For all the cost, insecurity and environmental destruction resulting from investing in gas infrastructure, the supply would be short-lived. Continuing to invest in fossil energy is incompatible with the future of New York City.

Better options and technologies are available today. New York City can lead the nation by choosing sustainable energy and conservation. The city should not compromise its future by replacing one polluting fossil fuel with another. I urge you to pass a resolution against the construction of this pipeline and to file your resolution with FERC as a public comment.

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