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Petitioning Dutch minister of Environment Mr. J. Atsma and 1 other

Stop the permission to cultivate GM-potato trial fields in the Netherlands.

The  Dutch Ministry of Environment gave permission to the Foundation DLO (part of the University of Wageningen) to go ahead with GMO potato trial fields in several places in the Netherlands. The mark is PorM/RB IM 10-006. The Foundation DLO uses commercial GM-potatoes of the multinationals AVEBE and of BASF. The GM potatoes have antibiotic-resistance genes.





of 12 March 2001 says:


 (22) The issue of antibiotic-resistance genes should be taken into particular consideration when conducting the risk assessment of GMOs containing such genes.

2. Any person shall, before submitting a notification under part B or part C, carry out an environmental risk assessment.

The information which may be necessary to carry out the environmental risk assessment is laid down in Annex III.

Member States and the Commission shall ensure that GMOs

which contain genes expressing resistance to antibiotics in use for medical or veterinary treatment are taken into particular consideration when carrying out an environmental risk assessment, with a view to identifying and phasing out antibiotic resistance markers in GMOs which may have adverse effects on human health and the environment. This phasing out shall take place by the 31 December 2004 in the case of GMOs placed on the market according to part C and by 31 December 2008 in the case of GMOs authorised under part B. 


A general principle for environmental risk assessment is also that an analysis of the .cumulative long-term effects. relevant to the release and the placing on the market is to be carried out. .Cumulative long-term effects. refers to the accumulated effects of consents on human health and the environment, including inter alia flora and fauna, soil fertility, soil degradation of organic material, the feed/ food chain, biological diversity, animal health and resistance problems in relation to antibiotics.

on the deliberate release into the environment of genetically modified organisms and repealing

Council Directive 90/220/EEC


We ask Mr. Atsma and Mr.Tusk to protect the EU environment and the health of people and animals. Please don't permit these trails.


The European GMO-free Citizens don't want these GM-potato trials and have written this petition, which you can sign. We will also go to the Dutch Council of State in the Hague. This topic and these signatures will be brought to their attention.

 Voor de Nederlandse mensen klik hier voor meer Nederlandse informatie. Translation: For Dutch people click here for more information in Dutch.


Letter to
Dutch minister of Environment Mr. J. Atsma
Chairman of the EU Mr. D Tusk
The Dutch Ministry of Environment gave permission to the Foundation DLO to go ahead with the cultivation of GM-potato trial fields in several places in the Netherlands. The mark is PorM/RB IM 10-006. The Foundation DLO uses commercial GM-potatoes of the multinationals AVEBE and of BASF. The GM potatoes have genes to lower Phytophthora infestans. They first have to inject the plants with Phytophthora infestans. And it is possible that other plants in the neighbourhood will get that too.
The GM potatoes also have antibiotic-resistance genes.
Secret letters of the FDA on this subject, have now been revealed on the Internet.
One letter states that in their opinion, the benefit to be gained by the use of the kanamycin resistant marker in transgenic plants is out weight by the risk imposed by in using this marker and aiding its dissemination nation wide. If we allow this proposal, we wil adding a tremendous quantitive load of genetic material to the environment which will probably assure dissemination of kanamycin resistance. (Memorandum, March 30, 1993.)

Dear Mr. Tusk and dear Mr. Atsma please stop the permission of these GM- potato field trials.
By doing so, you will protect the EU environment and the health of the EU people and animals. Because if the Netherlands approve on this, in the long term, the GM-potatoes may be planted everywhere in the EU!
Thank you!


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