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Stop the permission for an introduction in the environment of a GM-vaccine tested on little calves.

Multinational Intervet International wants to test a genetically engineered live attenuated Pasteurella multocida and Mannheimia haemolytica deletion mutant vet vaccine (PM-MH) against respiratory disease in little,  4000 two- weeks young- calves and older in the Netherland.

Intervet states that the calves will be deprived of the colostrum. Every calf has the right to drink his mothers milk it is very essential for them! After the trail the calves will be killed. This experiment is unethical!

Furthermore The European GMO-free Citizens think, GM-vaccines are very dangerous. There is a real risk of the generation of new pathogens with greater virulence and a broader host-range than the original pathogen. And there is no possibility of undoing it. the manure will be spread on the land.

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