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Stop the Online Sale of Animals!

Puppy mills all over the country are thriving with the online sale of puppies and other pets. Anyone with a credit card can buy these animals, which are then 'shipped' to the recipient. There is no screening done, no housecheck, no guarantee at ALL that the animal will be cared for.

Online sales allows puppy mills everywhere to conduct their operations with greater secrecy, preventing the buyer from ever knowing exactly where their pet came from, what conditions it lived under, the health of it's bloodline, etc etc.

That this is still legal in a time when we destroy 4 MILLION animals per year in our shelters is downright criminal!

I call upon the federal agencies which govern internet matters to BAN the sale of ALL animals online and put these cruel puppy mills out of business for good! We can't count on individual state governments to crack down in most cases, so it is up to all of us!

We Are their voice!


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