Stop The Oncoming Slaughter in GA


Stop The Oncoming Slaughter in GA

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kelly shackelford started this petition to Governor Nathan Deal and

TRIPLE DEATHS or more is expected at animal controls across the state of Georgia due to a new Department of Agriculture "clarification"  that forbids transporters and volunteers to "pull" for rescues. Now only the president, director, or board members are allowed to pull. This creates an undue burden on rescues across this state. 

(Clarification: I wanted to keep the original post intact but needed to clarify something that was brought to my attention. The board member HAS to be an officer or they cannot pull. Thank you.)

Before this "clarification", rescues would send over official authorization to the animal control giving the transporter authority to pick up and transport the animal to the rescue or foster home. Most directors or board members are busy in the day to day operations of running a rescue and do not have time to physically go to the animal control and pull. In fact, most transporters spend 3-4 hours on just one pull, so the sheer amount of time it takes would be a logistical nightmare for rescues. Plus, many animal controls are in very rural areas of the state. In fact, the rural counties will be hit hardest by this new rule as the big rescue in Atlanta will now be unable to pull from them. There will be no hope or help for these death row animals.

This asinine "clarification" will cost countless lives. Please join the petition in letting your elected and appointed public servants know that the oncoming wholesale slaughter that this new "clarification" will bring will not be tolerated. We are their voice, and we will not be silent until this rule is reversed. 

UPDATE: 10-7-15

Folks...many are receiving replies back that this was not a new rule. It was a new "clarification" and it will be up to each inspector to decide to enforce it or not. Clear as mud? We need it amended to allow transporters to pick-up if auth by the rescue. Without that amendment, they can dust off the "old rule" or send out a new "clarification" anytime they please. Many AC's across the state received the letter of clarification and made changes accordingly and their hands are legally tied without something in writing. The old not going to fly for advocates



LETTER sent to all AC's from Dept. of Ag.




Unauthorized individuals that are obtaining animals from our licensed animal shelters is a problem that all of the inspectors appear to be experiencing.  Therefore: I am clarifying our policy on this issue.


The only individuals that are authorized to obtain these animals from a licensed animal shelter are individuals that are directly tied to the license.


Authorized individuals will include:  The "owner" or "president" of the corporation, or one of the corporate officers that are listed on the Georgia Secretary of State's website at  . The corporate officers that are obtaining these animals must be authorized "in writing" by the president or owner of the corporation and the signed documentation must be kept on file at the shelter.  These individuals must personally come to the shelter and obtain the animal(s). Fosters, transports or animal advocates are not allowed to leave the shelter with animals under the name of the licensed rescue.

Below is the authority that I am using to implement this policy. In addition it should be the violation that is written to any licensed rescue that we have creditable and verifiable information that they are allowing an unaffiliated person to pull or adopt animals under their license.


40-13-13-.02      Licenses. Amended.


9)  The Commissioner may refuse to issue or renew or may suspend or revoke a license on any one or more of the following grounds:

(d)        allowing a license issued under this chapter to be used by an unlicensed person


Any Licensed Animal Shelter that releases animals to one of our licensed animal rescue organizations that fails to ensure that the person that obtains the animals(s) is authorized to do so should be issued the violation under:


40-13-13-.02      Licenses. Amended.

 (9)   The Commissioner may refuse to issue or renew or may suspend or revoke a license on any one or more of the following grounds:



(b)  Willful disregard or violation of any rule or regulation of this chapter;

(c)  willful aiding or abetting another in any violation of this chapter;


Mark Murrah
Companion Animal Section Manager
Georgia Department of Agriculture




This petition made change with 28,404 supporters!

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