Stop the noise pollution in Carroll Valley, PA!


Stop the noise pollution in Carroll Valley, PA!

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Heather Holman started this petition to Governor Tom Wolf and

Please sign to keep visitors from ruining our peaceful mountain!

Carroll Valley is mostly a lovely quiet town on a picturesque mountain, where you can go an appreciate nature. Except a few times during the week when the roar of loud low flying planes scare away the deer and other wildlife and the sounds of birds are replaced by roaring engines as planes pass back and forth over the homes on the mountain, dozens of times, for hours making a loop to launch glider planes.

For years the Mid Atlantic Soaring Association has been polluting the beautiful city of Carroll Valley, PA with noise every nice day. They take off and land planes every five to ten minutes for hours and fly low directly over the Carroll Valley Borough’s residential areas preventing it’s citizens from also enjoying the nice day outdoors.

I am a newer resident to the area having bought my cabin on top of the mountain last year which is located five miles from the airport. Quickly realizing that every nice day I would not be able to enjoy the sounds of nature for which I bought the cabin, because all day would be polluted by the sound of loud low flying planes.

I first complained to the airport, who said they will try to not fly directly over my house, but shortly after saying that resumed their flight path directly over my house.

When complaining to the local government about the noise I was told “it is a common occurrence and part of living in Carroll Valley” and that “the Borough can not do anything to alleviate my concern” and to complain to the FAA. 

The FAA then sent me to a website which states “Aircraft noise is a shared responsibility between the airport, airlines, state and local government, communities, and the FAA”. Also to contact the regional ombudsman who handles noise. After contacting the ombudsman they referred me to a website to submit my complaint which lists the airports to complain about, and this small airport isn’t even listed to make the complaint.

The Mid Atlantic Soaring Association was previously flying out of Frederick, Maryland and moved from complaints of it’s citizens. The members are mostly not even citizens of Pennsylvania and are coming here to pollute our skies with noise on every weekend for hours.

It has been the run around with no one wanting to take responsibility for their duties to protect the citizens from harassment and noise pollution. I am asking the recipients of this petition to finally take the responsibility as elected officials and protect citizens and tax payers of Carroll Valley Pennsylvania. 


The planes making the noise:

Piper PA25 N8658L
Piper PA25 N7799Z
Piper PA18 N82096


This petition made change with 27 supporters!

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