STOP THE NOISE! Ears and a Voice for Beacon Hill & SE Seattle Citizens

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STOP THE NOISE! Ears and a Voice for Beacon Hill & SE Seattle Citizens

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Federal Aviation Administration & Port of Seattle

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Started by Erik Stanford

Beacon Hill and Southeast Seattle have 80,000 residents. The community has the city’s largest populations of children, the elderly, disabled persons, people of color, and first-generation Americans who do not speak English as their first language. We are impacted by THREE airports; Renton Airport, Boeing Field, and Sea-Tac Airport. Of these, Sea-Tac generates the most air traffic, noise and pollution over our communities. The FAA anticipates the number of flights will increase 30% by 2023. We need to be included in planning by the FAA and the Port of Seattle as they develop air traffic routes and procedures over our neighborhoods. To measure and fully understand the health and environmental impacts that Sea-Tac air traffic has on our community, we need noise monitors to provide verifiable data to document the actual impacts on the community.


=> Install 8 new permanent noise monitors (for a total of 10) within the 98144, 98118 & 98108 zip codes. 4 proposed new sites on Beacon Hill and, and 4 in the Rainier valley:

1. Beacon Hill Playground

2. Kimball Elementary School

3. Beacon Hill Reservoir (Installed; In Service)

4. Cleveland High School/Playfield

5. Benefit Playground

6. African American Museum/Sam Smith Park

7. Franklin High School

8. Columbia Elementary School

9. Brighton Playfield (Installed; In Service)

10. John C. Little, Sr. Park

=> Extend the FAR Part 150 Noise Study for Sea-Tac Airport.

=> Expand the FAR Part 150 Noise Study to include new noise data for 98144, 98118 & 98108.

=> Develop a ‘Fly Quiet’ Noise Abatement plan for Sea-Tac Airport that includes routing of air traffic over industrial areas and Puget Sound waterways, and restricted departures between 10:00PM & 7:00AM.

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This petition had 544 supporters

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