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We passed the bill to repeal "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" last year. The nation's top military leaders supported it. President Obama signed it. But now, fuming at their loss, House Republicans are using anti-gay amendments to delay the repeal and undermine gay families.

House Speaker John Boehner can put a stop to these hostile amendments – but we need to show him there's a real political cost to reversing the course set by Congress and the American people. And we've only got so much time before Congress moves forward on this legislation.

Letter to
Representative John Boehner
Congress and military leaders have spoken loud and clear: "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" must end.

Yet House Republicans persist in using hostile amendments to delay the repeal of DADT, prevent military chaplains from performing legal marriages, and prevent equal access to military facilities. These tactics are shameful, and I urge you to put a stop to these amendments immediately.

At election time, voters will remember those who thwarted the will of Congress and the American people -- and focused on defending discrimination instead of real national security concerns.


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