Stop the Net Grab

Stop the Net Grab

4 November 2012
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Voting members of the World Conference on International Telecommunications
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Started by Equal Times

The internet as we know it is at risk. Unless we act now, our right to freely communicate and share information could change forever.

In less than four weeks’ time, the International Telecommunications Union (or ITU), a United Nations agency, is planning to adopt new rules to clamp down on the fundamental freedoms of citizens online.

Big telecommunications corporations have joined with countries including China, Egypt and Saudi Arabia, countries that already impose heavy restrictions on internet freedoms, to put forward a treaty to the UN World Conference on International Telecommunications in December.

So far the proposal has flown under the radar, but its implications are so serious that we must act quickly to show the ITU and its member countries that citizens will not stand by while our right to communicate freely is undermined.

The proposal would give governments and companies all over the world the ability to:

- Charge users for services such as email and Skype;

- Restrict access to the internet; and

- Monitor everything you do online

The new rules would hurt people in poorer countries and those living in dictatorships even more.

Add your name to the global petition and ask your government representatives who will attend this conference to reject these changes that will seriously and permanently restrict internet freedoms. Act now, before it’s too late.  We need a new process where the voice of the people is properly heard. Make your voice louder by connecting with us on Facebook.

By signing the petition, you will add your voice to the tens of thousands of people who are standing up against unnecessary and restrictive online regulation.

An internet totally controlled by government and big business contradicts the very essence of what the internet represents – open and free access for all.

That’s why it’s critical for us to come together in demanding that our national leaders and international organisations respect the freedoms the internet gives to us all and stop this proposal in its tracks.  

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Petition Closed

This petition had 41,293 supporters

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