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Petitioning Governor Rick Perry and 6 others

Stop the massacre of millions of reef fish as a biproduct of Idle Iron!

This is important on so many levels. It is a sad day if we let our government be this hyprocritical. Please sign this and do not let our government sweep this under the rug. They need to know how the boating /fishing world is enterpreting this. There is a better way to demolish the rigs - ie Rigs-to-Reef program by cutting the legs rather than by explosion.

THT Guys: let them know how you feel about this barbaric and senseless slaughter fest.

Letter to
Governor Rick Perry
United States Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar
The Obama Administration
and 4 others
FL Governor Rick Scott
Roy Crabtree
AL Governor Robert Bentley
Louisianna Governor Bobby Jindal
There are many reasons why exploding the Idle Iron rigs are damaging our Gulf. The first is very obvious by the flotilla of thousands of fish carcasses (mainly the highly regulated Red Snapper) drifting around the rig sites. The second is also very obvious in that these rigs are home to many rare corals and endangered/protected fish and turtles (Green Sea Turtle, Goliath Grouper etc.) Concerned fishermen and water lovers around the world want to see this program revisited. We want the killing to stop. We want answers on why our recreational limits are so low and we want to know how you can justify this barbaric massacre of fish. Hopefully you will see why this program has gone against every law you have set for the fisherman on the Gulf and why so many of us are highly upset and saddened. I ask that you read each comment on this petition carefully so you can see the pain and frustration that has surfaced to due the policies set in place by Idle Iron.

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