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Stop the mass killing of strays in the Ukraine

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We the undersigned are calling all government representatives to influence the situation in Kharkov and the whole country. Stop mass killing of dogs and cats in general and in preparation for the UEFA European Football Championship 2012. We mean the problem of stray animals number regulation and coexistence of animals and humans. An adequate solving of this problem is of the city dwellers and government interest.

There are no programs on stray animals number decreasing, no educating people about neutering their pets, no municipal shelter for stray animals. All this leads to thousands of animals appearing at the streets and the absence of home pets breeding control entails increase of strays number.

Only a complex of activities will lead to stray animals number decreasing:

- Neutering of stray animals
- Vaccinating homeless animals
- Educating pet owners about necessity of neutering their pets
- Creating shelters for animals
- Discontinuance of poisoning stray animals

According to present legislation poisoning is a direct violation of Ukrainian law About protecting animals from cruel treatment. As well the none-acceptable fact, that mobile crematory are existing and in use.

These actions contradict European Animal rights Convention and any adequate humans moral principles. Besides it contradicts democratic societys principles and leaves a bloody stain on Ukraines reputation. Also a program that lets shoot and poison innocent creatures might clear the city from dogs today but will never solve the problem in future: it is common knowledge that mass poisoning leads to mass breeding surge. Tomorrow new strays will come to this place and they will breed more intensively. This is the experience of many European countries.

You may say that you have no money for humane program realization. However it appeared to be easy to find funds for influencing social opinion through mass media: newspapers publications, TV reportages that misrepresent real picture of what is happening and directly form negative attitude towards stray animals. To our mind these programs groundlessness is conditioned mainly by initially incorrect approach. Incorrectly formulated objective can not receive an adequate response. The reason is simple: when manipulating social opinion it is easier to legalize mass killing.

A society is judged by its treatment of the weak, that is of the disabled, children and animals. Scientists proved that animal interaction have a wholesome and even healing effect on human. And on the contrary when people unreasonably and with cynical cruelty kill animals, often in front of children, it results in irresponsibility and cruelty of the society.

We are sure that only general constructive position and combined efforts will help us make Kharkov and the whole Ukraine a clean and beautiful city/country.

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