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Stop the mass killing of homeless dogs in Chile!

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45 dogs were brutally poisoned last night in response to the tragic deaths of two women who were attacked by seven owned dogs in Peñaflor, Chile on November 8.


Meat laced with Strychnine is the cheapest and most common method used. It is also the cruelest, leaving animals to die slow, painful deaths from organ failure and ultimate asphyxiation. Their grimaced expressions upon death are testament to the agony that lasts for hours and even days.

This heartless action and the destruction of the dogs’ rudimentary shelters are thought to be the covert work of the local municipality. The mayor of Peñaflor, Manuel Fuentes, denied any knowledge of the poisonings, then had his communications manager falsely report that only seven dogs were dead and that legal action would be brought against those responsible.

A public demonstration called "Do not believe Manuel Fuentes" is planned in Penaflor on Saturday, November 20 at 16h00 -

Isolated poisonings are on the increase throughout Santiago. If you are in Chile, please stay tuned in to demonstrations through and by signing up with Gabriela Jarpa on Facebook at


1. Support 21st Paradigm and help us complete the film, Lost Dogs, which will bring this message in visual form to the world:

2. Support Chile Animal -

(Contact: Paola Dragnic). Donations help them print educational materials and hire youth in Santiago to use social media (Facebook, Twitter and others) to inundate the airwaves with information that points to solutions, stepping away from inhumane, covert action.

3. We urge you to locate Chilean Consulate emails (US listed below) and flood them with letters - short, polite correspondence addressing the following points:

ATTENTION: Ministry of the Interior, Senate and House of


We are contacting you in response to the recent mass killings of dogs in Chile and demand that humane action be taken.

The solution is for each community to have adequate funds for sterilization, vaccinations and assistance to locate homes for stray dogs/cats. Mass killing is not the solution.

Many of the dogs killed were already sterilized and present no threat or disturbance to people. On the contrary, they are bonded to and loved by many people who feel great loss when they are unnecessarily killed.

Many of the dogs poisoned are people’s pets. There is no discrimination.

Poisoning, beating, shooting, drowning and gassing animals is NOT euthanasia. Euthanasia is defined as “mercy killing.”

This is called MURDER. We demand this be stopped, that the perpetrators be brought to justice, and that the government be honest with the people it is meant to serve.

The gruesome, violent deaths experienced by the dogs sends a message to the Chilean people and the world that Chilean authorities condone this level of extreme violence. This is not in line with an emerging, civilized country wishing to establish itself in the international community.

Please visit:

for the list of the other honorary consulates.


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