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Stop The Madness of Tigers As Exotic Pets!

This is important because the tiger is a noble, humble creature that lives in Asia, and parts of Europe. To raise these animals and sell them as exotic pets is extremely unfair to the tiger because he or she is unfamiliar with our world and they belong in nature where they are comfortable and familiar with. Also, it is unhealthy for the owner because, for one, they have the risk of an attack that would have the tiger put down, another unfair point on the tiger's behalf, and it is unsanitary to have such a big animal that obviously can't go in a litter box, and needs much food to survive. It is unfair for the neighborhood of the owner because they might have fear it may get loose and attack the neighborhood pets, or even the neighbors. Also, to put a price on such a precious and, might I add, limited species is illegal I am pretty sure. Please help me end this madness of selling tigers that are unfit as pets.

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