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I fully agree that caring pet owners, should have the right to end an animals suffering if it is dying , in pain - or even if it is a threat to others.

However at present there is no regulation at all. Anyone with a hunting licence can legally shoot thier dog or cat at home, even if it is healthy, they dont have to inform anyone of thier actions or even prove the animal was ill. In  a small, but significant number of cases - working dogs are killed if they do not 'fit in' , or are 'past their prime'. Sled dogs and hunting dogs are particularly at risk - even though it is a very small minority of un-ethical owners who do this. Most are loved and well cared for. My issue, is that the 'bad' ones are not held accountable by law - for killing young, healthy dogs. In most civilized and EU countries, this wouldnt be allowed, or seen as acceptable!

I believe owners should atleast have to 'apply' for the legal right to do kill their pet, if it's otherwise healthy. And make a 'public notice' in order that others may be given a chance to rehome or help the animal. Where possible, the act of killing should be supervised by an animal Welfare officer or vet, or authorized person.

The pet should have been given every opportunity to be re-homed, re-trained or 'the right to life' within a set period of time for example 30 Days ( in the case of a healthy dog), and where possible, the pet should be euthinazed by a vet-  except in extenuating circumstances.

At the very least there must be stricter rules and regulations. And we must challenge some outdated and unethical attitudes of this minority of owners.

This petition is in memory of our beloved Young and healthy Alaskan Husky Sleddogs 'Ballack & Kunnibert' who were sold to new owners - and were both SHOT DEAD by them within two weeks. WE MUST STOP THIS HAPPENING AGAIN !


Jag håller helt och hållet med om att djurägare borde ha rätt till att avsluta ett djurs lidande om det är döende, har ont, eller på något annat sätt lider – till och med avliva det om det utgör ett hot mot andra. Oavsett, borde ägare vara tvungna att lägga in en ansökan för att få tillåtelse att genomföra detta enligt lag, eller på något vis officiellt utlysa om att det ska ske ett visst datum, så att djuret ges en tidsfrist och på så sätt ges möjlighet att få ett nytt hem hos privatperson eller organisation. Själva avlivningen bör endast tillåtas att utföras av legitimerad veterinär, (djursjukvårdare eller annan likvärdig auktoriserad person.). Djuret bör har fått möjligheten att bli omplacerad, rehabiliterad genom träning, eller åtminstone ”ha rätt till att leva” en viss tidsperiod, till exempel 30 dagar. När det är möjligt, bör djuret avlivas av legitimerad veterinär, förutom under förmildrande omständigheter.

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