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Stop the Lawsuits and Smear Campaign. Support Top Two Atheist Activists in Florida.

No one should have to face character assassination alone or undefended. It harms all of us all when vicious attacks are made against any of us.

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The Atheist, Humanist and Secular Community
Since late 2011, John Kieffer and EllenBeth Wachs have been the target of a smear campaign by Ed “Golly” Gollobith, who claims to act in the name of Atheists of Florida.

In November 2011, Gollobith, fearing that he would not be re-elected to the board of directors of Atheists of Florida, contacted several other board members. He secretly persuaded them to illegally expel the two activists. Ed “Golly” Gollobith then interrupted the election that was underway to appoint himself President. As Gollobith destroyed the democratic legitimacy of Atheists of Florida in his lust for power, John Kieffer was facing a criminal trial for his public activism in protesting school board prayers. EllenBeth Wachs had been wrongfully arrested by Polk County's evangelical Christian sheriff, and she was trying to recover from the experience. This included unfounded arrests, an invasive search of her home, and a week in solitary confinement at the Polk County Jail. Those bogus charges were quickly dismissed, only to be replaced by bogus accusations from Gollobith.

In September 2012, after being subjected to Gollobith’s year-long campaign of character assassination, John and EllenBeth agreed to accept a mediated settlement that would have resolved all disputes between the parties. Instead of following through on his own agreement, Ed “Golly” Gollobith sabotaged the mediated settlement. He stooped so low as to attack John and EllenBeth’s courageous church/state separation activism, calling them rabble rousers and people who simply pick fights. Astoundingly, Gollobith is now demanding a court order that they permanently cease their atheist activism anywhere in the world, and that they never assist anyone else to become atheist activists.

EllenBeth tried two more times to settle the matter by offering to donate her legal defense fund to the Oklahoma atheists who were victims of the recent tornado disaster.

Please sign to show your outrage at the injustice perpetrated by Ed “Golly” Gollobith and to help keep John and EllenBeth as valued members of our movement.


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