Stop the Kisii County Government from destroying Nyangweta Forest for a Sugar Factory

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The Kisii County Government is on the homestretch of ground-breaking the construction of a KES 5 billion sugar complex that will be on 120 acres excised from Nyangweta Forest in Kisii County, Kenya. the forest has a total area of 255 acres, and 50 acres have already been allocated to Kisii University for a local campus in the area. This will form sugar factory buildings, a nuclear sugarcane farm and an electric power plant to be generating about 10 MW of power to the national grid.

However, the forest covers about 45% of the current forest land in Kisii County and the whole county has a total coverage of 2.62% forest cover. With a national deficit in forest resources, and the threat to forests currently faced in Kenya due to forestation, cutting down a large part of the forest is not the best interest of the environment. The forest ecosystem that has existing for 50 years is threatened under the new plan.

The county government has plans of planting more forests to 'compensate' for the planned loss of part of this forest but its unclear whether this will be done since not much has been done in rehabilitating forest lands in the past.

People and communities living around the forest and downstream will be most affected by changes in water resources and disruption of water patterns.

Although it is postulated to bring economic benefits to the community, it is not yet clear how much benefits will accrue to warrant the clearing of the forest for an industrial establishment.

The new development plans also are unclear on the exact land demarcations and a section of the forest (about 40 acres) will remain unaccounted for, with fears that it is being lined up for irregular acquisition by individuals in the scheme.

Bottom line is, however sweet you want to make the deal appear,We DO NOT need a sugar factory IN Nyangweta forest.

Here is an analysis of this con game. Kindly go to the link below, read, give your views, and above all share for the world to see the injustice being done to the people and the environment