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STOP the KILLING of DEFENSELESS Hawaiian Seal Pups, and Baby Pacific Turtles!!

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URGENT!!!  Kanaio Beach Baby Seals and Turtles needs  PROTECTIVE HAWAII STATE DEPT. OF FOREST and WILDLIFE GMA ASAP!!!!

This defenseless pup has NO defenses against TRUCKS and MOTORCYCLES. It has NO fingers to untangle plastic fisherman's nets. It has NO ability to avoid gasoline and other toxin wastes on Kanaio Beach.

Our Hawaiian Monk Seal Pups and Pacific Green Turtle Hatchlings       need SAFETY IMMEDIATELY!!!

TRUCKS and MOTORCYCLES Beach Driving CRUSHES baby turtles attempting to reach the ocean.
Beach Driving, either at night or during the daytime, negatively impacts sea turtles. Night time driving disturbs nesting females, disorient emerging babies, and CRUSHES baby turtles attempting to reach the ocean.

Tire ruts left by vehicles can extend the time it takes a baby turtle to reach the ocean and increase their chance of being caught by a predator.

Garbage, Plastic Fish Nets, Toxic Waste, Commercial Activity,  4 -wheel drive Motorized Vehicles, Motorbikes destroy this  coastline habitat including our precious Hawaiian Monk Seals and Pacific Green Turtles both ENDANGERED SPECIES!!

Hawaiian Monk Seals spend most of their time looking for food and avoiding predators. This can make them very tired and requires them to haul out onto the beach for extended periods of rest. Therefore, it is CRITICAL that they have a place to REST and that they are allowed to do so without interruption.

Kanaio Beach is a major nesting area of the Pacific Green Sea Turtles.

See VIDEO of BABY Turtles heading into the OCEAN!!!

Triple L. Ranch is DIRECTLY OPPOSED to management of this area. They wish to continue their Commercial Private Trail Rides and Jeep Tours and Beach Picnics unimpeded. They had their own petition and protest to stop the state from taking care of this ecosystem.

Kanaio requires IMMEDIATE supervision and enforcement in GARBAGE pick up and providing SAFETY for Baby Seal Pups, and Baby Turtles, and all other species. 


DOFAW HAWAII STATE Management is needed IMMEDIATELY for the protection of Endangered Hawaii Native plants, Hawaiian Monk Seal, The Pacific Green Turtle (Honu) and nearly extinct Pulelehua Moth, and Coastal Hawaiian species within proposed range area.

"..Kanaio Community has misused area by littering/dumping,  running illegal horseback trailrides, driving jeeps for beach tours over coastal vegetation and archeological sites. These trail rides and barbecue tours have eroded and denuded areas....."

Kanaio coastline has anchialine pools containing rare Hawaiian red shrimp or volcano shrimp, and endangered Anchialine Pool shrimp
The cave ecosystem in lava tubes may have unique arthropod communities. Anchialine pools frequently identify regionally rare and sometimes endemic species living in them.

In Kanaio, the pools are home to mostly the ʻōpaeʻula (Hawaiian shrimp, Halocaridina rubra




Honolulu Star Bulletin:

"In this photo provided by the Triple L Ranch, Skywalker, a rodeo bull, is shown with a giant tire that was stuck to his head for about 20 hours in Kula, Hawaii Tuesday Nov. 8, 2011. The bull was unable to eat or drink with his head lodged in a truck tire dumped on the property. Ranch owner PCD doesn't know how the tire ended up on Skywalker's head but she's hoping his plight raises awareness about using the rural Kanaio area as a dumping ground. (AP Photo/Triple L Ranch, ) 

Our island's Baby seals and turtles and their mama's need protection ASAP!!  We, the Undersigned, SUPPORT the Hawaii DLNR and The State of Hawaii's Forestry and Wildlife Division, in MOVING FORWARD with the proposal to create a GMA game management area on State Land in beautiful Kanaio!! 5948 acres for all our beautiful, native plant species, and precious animals, and protection on coastline for endangered Sea Animals species! 

Scott Fretz, Maui branch manager of the DLNR’s Division of Forestry and Wildlife:

"The county tax map key indicates that the 5,948 acres belong to the State of Hawaii."“There is not any question in the official record that the lands are owned by the state,” Fretz said. “People can disagree politically if the State of Hawaii has a legitimate claim to the lands, but that’s a political issue."

Link for Maui News  Front Page:

 Link for DLNR Proposal: Agenda LAND DIVISION D-4  Immediate Entry Tax Map Key Number: 210020010000

Link to Tax Key Map Maui County:

Maui Branch Manager: Scott Fretz
Forestry Program Manager: Lance De Silva

Division of Forestry & Wildlife
1955 Main St. Rm. 301
Wailuku, HI 96793
Phone: (808) 873-3980
Fax: (808) 984-8111



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