Stop the killing of Canada geese in Oconomowoc Lake, Wisconsin AGAIN!

Stop the killing of Canada geese in Oconomowoc Lake, Wisconsin AGAIN!

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"The greatness of a nation can be judged by the way its animals are treated"-Mahatma Gandhi.

The city of Oconomowoc has YET AGAIN approved the gassing of Canada geese in Oconomowoc Lake, Wisconsin. We are asking you to sign this petition to encourage Oconomowoc elected officials to find a more ethical practice of controlling the Canada geese population.

First and foremost, gassing geese is not an ethical practice. The geese are corralled, as the image shows above, thrown into the back of a van, put into a small box and gassed.

And above all, gassing doesn't correct the issue. Case and point, in Edgewater, New Jersey governing representatives had contracted with USDA’s Wildlife Services to employ nest and egg destruction and to capture, gas, and kill Canada geese. None of these actions resolved the problem. Since then, the governing body employed these successful methods to relocate the geese and deter the geese’s return to the landscape:

• Habitat modification, which is the most effective long‐term
• Instituted and enforced public feeding bans. Feeding the wrong foods can cause permanent angel wing deformities and result in the geese becoming dependent on human‐derived food sources.
• Mechanical scare devices, flags, and noise have been effective when combined with other methods. The effectiveness of these techniques have diminished over time.
• The killing of Canada geese only serves as a temporary solution, as space is just freed up for a new flock.

There must be a win-win solution that does not harm, but rather, promotes and supports the natural Wisconsin landscape that we all wish to protect.