Stop the Installation of Two LED Billboards in Lombard, IL.

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The Village is being offered $75,000 to install two new LED billboards at the below locations. There are many reasons why this project shouldn't move forward. Please sign this petition to tell Lombard Trustees that $75K a year (a drop in the bucket for a municipal budget) is not worth the wellbeing of our communities. A 20-year lease means that we can't change our minds for the next twenty years!

  • The location of the billboards is environmentally sensitive. They are installed at Churchill Woods Forest Preserve, which is one of eleven protected places in the world where the Federally-Threatened Eastern Prairie Fringed Orchid can be found. This rare orchid can only be pollinated sustainably by nocturnal hawkmoths. These two giant billboards emitting blue-rich light will certainly affect the local population of these moths. (Imagine the moths attracted to your house's night lamp multiplied out to the power of a billboard). 
  • Many residents journey to Churchill Woods from miles around to receive eco-psychological renewal and wellbeing that only unmolested nature can provide. These billboards will mar the treescape/skyscape for hikers who are attracted to this area for its natural beauty. The billboards (projecting commercial messaging from corporations like coca cola, mcdonalds, and burger king) will degrade the experience of people enjoying the Illinois Prairie Path and Great Western Trail- important amenities for recreation in DuPage County.
  • Blue-rich LED light disrupts the human endocrine system (this is the system which controls our hormones). Many people don't realize that exposure to blue-rich light prevents our bodies from creating the hormone melatonin, which allows us to sleep. Exposure to this kind of light can disrupt sleep patterns and cause chronic illness. It's hard to believe that unnatural light can be a kind of pollution, but many scientific studies actually show that in areas with irresponsible night-time lighting there are increased risks of cancer due to long-term sleeplessness. 
  • There has been little study on the effect of LED billboards on road safety. Humans are naturally distracted by bright lights and the flickering motion of LED billboards, at a time when concentration is crucial to protect families driving on the road.
  • These billboards are going to affect our home values as they will eliminate the ability of DuPage residents to see the Milky Way, or any stars, for miles around. The global trend is heading toward dark-sky compliant night time lighting, so these billboards are a step in the wrong direction and will certainly prevent our children from connecting to the ancient heritage of star-viewing that provides an incomparable experience of wonder-making and inspiration. Without seeing the stars, it is hard for humans to understand our place in the cosmos. 


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