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Why this petition matters

In the year 2021 the UK imported from Sweden 18 million pork meatballs either frozen, canned, in aspic or in a form of pre-prepared meals. This may not sound a lot in terms of human food given we have a UK population of over 67 million, there are 365 days in a year and these items can be consumed either for lunch or dinner. In terms of animal suffering though it is almost unquantifiable.

To produce 18 million individual Swedish pork meatballs means the castration of at least a minimum of nine million pigs.

In our modern world that is........nuts!

Sweden only produces 2.6 millions pigs per annum from 1,100 specialist farms according to the British Animal Registrar of Statistics (B.O.A.R.S.) who track our meat imports from overseas. To make up the difference Sweden imports pigs' balls from North African countries to be packaged up and exported out to the UK. Those North African states have standards of animal husbandary that are basic to say the least.

Scandinavian farmers involved in this practice claim that the animals feel no fear or pain but surely any event that involves a butcher's garrotte wire, a heated blade for cauterisation and no anaesthetic must be viewed as disgusting and outdated. 

I intend to submit this petition on the 10th August 2022 (World Pig Day) or when we achieve 50,000 signatures, to No 10 Downing Street, the Swedish Ambassador to the UK and the Swedish Institute of Export Standards, based in Stockholm. The more signatures I can get by this date the greater our impact will be.

I started this intensive campaign in 2012. The giant furniture company IKEA has set a great example for the world by only using beef and pork mince in their famous in house pork meatballs - why can we all not follow their example?

Or even a vegetarian option? 

In the UK we are even lagging our neighbours across the Channel. On the 17th August 1945 a law was enterted into the Napoleonic Code banning animal farms from carrying out pig castration on the grounds of excessive cruelty. We should not be behind the French in the care and treatment of these animals.

Much like dogs you will find that generally pigs are loyal, honest and friendly towards humans, although sometime boars when it comes to conversation. We should not abuse that bond just because we have domesticated them.

Please support this petition and spread the word so we can stop this terrible practice.

Thanks for all your help.

Neil xx

1st April 2022, Dorset 


237 have signed. Let’s get to 500!