Stop the imminent deportation of a cancer survivor and her family

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UPDATE: The family has secured a bridging visa till August 21 while they wait for the Minister to intervene.

Five years ago, Mrs Jacqui Low came to Australia with her husband and two children to build a better life for her family. In 2017, she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. As a result of this illness, the government has rejected the entire family’s application for permanent residency. Please sign this petition to stop their deportation in two weeks.

After six months of chemotherapy and surgery, Mrs Low is showing no concerning symptoms of malignancy. In fact, she is in a state of remission. The family even says they will bear the financial burden of any future treatment. Yet, the government has rejected their application on the grounds that any future treatment would be a burden on the Australian medical system. Their bridging visa expires on 9 July so they have very little time to convince the Immigration Minister to intervene and reverse the deportation.

Mrs Low is heartbroken and feels miserable. She feels like a burden on her family. Her children love their school and don’t want to be separated from their friends here. The family has lived in this country for more than 5 years and integrated well with the Australian community. Now, only a ministerial intervention can help the family.

Mr and Mrs Low are loyal employees at a cleaning business. They are always happy to help struggling members of the church. Their employers are very happy with them and stated that “they have been under an enormous amount of pressure and they have never, ever let us down or missed a shift. You can’t replace that — that’s loyalty.”

It is un-Australian to remove valued members from society because of something they can’t control.  Please sign and share the petition calling for a ministerial intervention to keep the family here.