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Stop the hunting business of wolves in Romania

From the 15th of September to the 31st of March, private companies organize hunting safaris in Romania to kill wolves in exchange for a few thousands euros. This is unacceptable. We ask to the Romanian Ministry of Environment and Forests to improve legislation in the field of wild animals protection and to strictly prohibit the hunting of wolves in Romania.

Exterminated in nearly all Western and Central European countries, the wolf is found in significant numbers in the Romanian Carpathians (about 3000 individuals). Indeed owing to its relatively intact habitats and particularly extensive forest complexes, the Carpathians are one of Europe’s most valuable refuges of primeval forest fauna. This is certainly the last place in the European Union where all big predators can be found. However the conservation status of the wolf in Romania is absolutely not satisfactory. The species is not protected and it is intensively hunted with long hunting seasons (more than 6 months).


It's scientifically proven that wolves will self-regulate and will give birth to fewer puppies when food is scarce. So fewer preys mean fewer wolves but also bigger territories for the wolf packs. Under these conditions hunting is unnecessary and quite unjustified.

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