Stop the Helipad Development at 813 Louisville Highway, Goodlettsville

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We, the undersigned residents and tax payers of Goodlettsville, tn, understand there is a proposal for a commercial helipad to be developed at 813 Louisville Highway in Goodlettsville for the purpose of taking tourists on aerial tours of Nashville. This helipad is proposed to be located less than a mile from many residential neighborhoods and homes. 

It is our stance that a helipad completely counters the character of our neighborhoods here in Goodlettsville.  Not only does it pose a safety risk to residents who live in the immediate area, it also threatens to significantly impact neighbors' enjoyment of their land and the value of that land.  

The additional noise pollution will detract from the overall harmony of the community and is inappropriate for our area.

Goodlettsville residents choose Goodlettsville because it is a quiet, peaceful town. We wanted to get away from the city and the tourism.  An area like Opry Mills, which is geared for tourists, would seem more appropriate.  

We are concerned that it won't be limited to one helicopter as it grows, and that the hours of operation will change.  Businesses grow and operations change, and we all know this to be true.  If he sells the property in the future, no one knows exactly whether a new buyer would be bound by the same operation restrictions or promises.

We are concerned with the bus schedule, and the additional use of our roads by tourists.  We can not handle additional traffic.  This helipad will be located near one of the deadliest sections of I-65 northbound.  The traffic is backed up southbound in the morning and northbound in the afternoon.  The site of helicopters taking off, landing and flying near the highway, could distract drivers in what is already a dangerous stretch of road.

In the unfortunate event that the helipad is allowed, the tax rate should be significantly increased to reflect the industrial nature of a helipad.  All of the tax rates for the impacted neighbors should be significantly reduced to reflect the adverse impact on their property.  We will also look to appeal to the FAA for very strict noise abatement procedures, including highly limited hours of operation and flight path.




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