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Stop the hate campaign against Kerala

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The #BoycottKerala spiel is a result of misinformation actively spread by AWBI (Animal Welfare Board of India) and misunderstanding of the State Government's stance. The State Government has decided to use Animal Birth Control measures in view of recommendations made by animal rights activists and experts.

Read Kerala governments decision from our Chief ministers portal

The only purpose this propaganda is serving is to instill hatred against Kerala and its people. As AWBI has conveniently remained silent at instances when more gruesome measures were taken by other states.

The truth is that there has been over 1.6 lakh dog bites in the past one year. The multiplying population of the dogs is making matters worse for the people of Kerala. The State Government has decided to use Animal Birth Control measures in view of recommendations made by animal rights activists and experts.

For that the Government has set up 50 dog-sterilisation centres across the state with an aim to sterilise 500 dogs a day. More veterinary doctors are being recruited in addition to the 1200 government veterinary doctors, to address this issue. In due time, government will be increasing the number of centres to 500. With these measures the Government is positive of controlling the population of over 2.68 lakh stray dogs in the state.

But in the recent weeks, there have been thousands of cases of feral dogs’ attacks and numerous deaths in the state including the death of a little girl last week. These attacks are not just restricted to people but to the livestock and poultry. The rural community has been bearing the brunt of these attacks. Therefore questioning the intention of the Government to provide security to its people is unfathomable. To control the menace of feral dogs’ attacks, the State Government is forced to take steps to safeguard the interests of the people of Kerala.

Instead of spreading hatred against Kerala, we welcomes suggestive measures from all quarters to solve the stray dog menace in Kerala. One must remember the problem is not just restricted to Kerala but widely spread across the country. Kerala is a very pet friendly state as opposed to what is being projected by haters on social media sites. 

Kerala is being targeted unjustly and the #BoycottKerala campaign serves no purpose but to portray an incorrect picture of Kerala. What’s even more dangerous is the fact that the propaganda is fuelling racial hatred against South Indians in general and people of Kerala in particular.

Racial slur against Kerala and its people

So we request everyone to stop spreading fallacies and stop spouting anti-Kerala tirades. It’s time to use your wisdom and understand the true facts. For a state that has the highest Human Development Index and become one of the world's most popular tourist destination, it takes great pride in preserving its culture, forests and animals, above all. 

We request you to refer screenshots from Official Portal of Kerala Chief Minister given below to understand the truth. 

The key people behind this propaganda campaign follows. We tried to reason with them but they continue their misinformation campaign ignoring the state governments decision and banning us from the various groups and pages they have created for this hate campaign. 

Kamna Pandey, Anshuman Sengupta, Khalid Qureshi, Jen Lopez, Rishi Dev, Pooja Rampal

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