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Stop "The Great Bull Run" on 7/26/14 at Alameda County Fairgrounds

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We want Mayor Jerry Thorne, Vice Mayor Jerry Pentin with Council Members Karla Brown, Cheryl Cook-Callio and Kathy Narum to know that we are serious about stopping this "Great Bull Run" from happening in our area because we don't believe that it is humane or safe.

This event's site is The Great Bull Run and is supposed to take place July 26, 2014 at Alameda County Fairgrounds in Pleasanton, CA. We are hoping to sway the city to not approving their application for their permit for this event, as this is what was a success for Lake Elisnore, CA in getting The Great Bull Run denied into their area as seen in this article: Lake Elsinore City Manager Steers Away from Bull Run Event.

The Boston-based company, The Great Bull Run, LLC is headed by Rob Dickens and has decided to start an American version of the well-known Spain Running of the Bulls. People can pay to run in the ring with the bulls or watch in the stands. There will be a 10 city tour over the coming months.

We all know this causes great stress and possibly could hurt the animals or worse. They don't have a voice in the matter, so we need to be that voice for them. Just like in Spain you know this is a tradition and we don't want this becoming one here in America, not to mention let these people profit off animals year after year. This is not fair to the animals and something we do not want to become a part of American culture now.

Let's stop this ungreat bull run before it even happens!

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