Stop the government of Guam from a potential flavor ban

Stop the government of Guam from a potential flavor ban

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Tano Duenas started this petition to Governor Lourdes Aflague Leon Guerrero

Guam, a territory of the United States, is a small island in the pacific. It is home to good people, deep culture, and a growing community of ex-smokers. At this time, the people of Guam may face a ban on vapor products, much like we’ve seen and fought against in many states and cities on the mainland.

Signing this petition will assist Guam’s growing community of people that have made the switch from combustible cigarettes to continue their path to a healthier lifestyle. It will also keep the vaping alternative open as a choice for those who have yet to switch. 

We must band together as a community to cement our industry on the right side of history. The truth holds all the power, and eventually logic and reason will prevail. We have to keep working together towards a common goal, ending the notorious statistic of 480,000 people dying each year from combustible cigarettes.

We, the members of the vaping community, including users of vapor products, current and ex-smokers, concerned citizens, and friends and family of those whose lives have been, or could be changed by vapor products, urge you to seek factual evidence and information.

We are trying to address two important topics:

  • The recent health concerns regarding “VAPE”

We need to draw a clear distinction between nicotine-based E-liquids and black-market THC vapes. Despite what has been depicted in recent media coverage, black-market THC products have been linked to the recent illnesses and deaths reported in recent months.

  • Youth access and use of ALL vape products. This includes regulated nicotine products as well as products designed for illicit drug use.

Vaping has saved millions of lives and flavored products have been a mainstay in the vaping industry. Although flavored e-liquid continues to evolve, we firmly believe flavored products are designed to prevent smokers from returning to combustible cigarettes and to aid in smoking cessation. We are in full support of sensible measures to continue to ensure that these products, which are intended for adults, do not end up in the hands of children.

We are asking for local leaders to work with its citizens and local businesses to address the concerns surrounding the use and sale of these products within our communities. Since the negative attention that has been brought against this industry, more and more evidence has shown that the e-cigarette and vaping industry is not responsible for the recent illnesses and deaths seen across the country. 

Facts and state reports now confirm that over 90% of these incidents are the result of using unregulated, illegally sold, BLACK MARKET THC vape products. This has been confirmed by the CDC.

We are asking for reasonable and responsible legislation that protects our youth and public health while we continue to provide safe access to these products for adults. Many adults have successfully used these legal nicotine vape products to eliminate their deadly habit and dependence upon traditional tobacco products. These individuals should not lose access to these options and neither should individuals who are still dependent on traditional tobacco products. The regulated nicotine products we are referring to have been sold within this community for over 8 years and have helped tens of thousands in this community alone. This does not include all the other adults all over the country and the world who have also found these products to be a viable option to help break their dependence on traditional tobacco products.

Our hope is that through reasonable regulations and unity within our community, we can accomplish what the rest of the country has not been capable of achieving--smart and sensible regulations that protect adults’ access to, and use of, regulated nicotine products, while making sure that our youth are not able to obtain them.

To ban the use of these nicotine products is to deny the facts about the link between BLACK MARKET THC VAPE PRODUCTS and these incidents as well as deny the facts about using traditional tobacco products and the harm they cause.

A message to the 14,000 American vapor businesses, the 87,000 American vapor employees, the 13 million adult users, and even those who are not among them but support our choice nonetheless: we need your help to create a louder, single voice; to be heard by those who seek to infringe on our freedoms and take away our choice of the 95% healthier alternative to combustible cigarettes.

Research indicates that flavors are key for switching

Dr. Christopher Russell from the Center for Substance Use Research (CSUR), which had carried this research, spoke about the findings. “There is growing evidence that suggests adult smokers increasingly prefer to use vapor products that are not flavored like tobacco. Evidence from our own research suggests that a significantly higher proportion of smokers who prefer to vape non-tobacco flavors go on to completely quit smoking cigarettes within three months.”

“Restricting adult smokers’ access to flavored vaping products would therefore very likely result in fewer smokers trying vaping as an alternative to continuing to smoke, in substantially fewer smokers attempting to switch to vaping, and ultimately, in substantially fewer smokers succeeding in their attempt to switch to vaping,” added Russell.


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“...This is the only way for people in the United States to understand the problems here on Guam, is to hear one voice.”     
   - Former Sen. Angel L.G. Santos

*Choose some of the points below to discuss in your comment:

  • Share your experience with vaping.
  • How long did you smoke?
    • How many times have you tried to quit smoking?
    • Were you able to quit or significantly reduce your smoking?
    • How long have you been smoke-free?
  • What is your preferred flavor of e-liquid?
    • Do you use a variety of flavored e-liquid and why is access to this variety important to you?
  • Have you noticed changes in your ability to purchase vapor products as a result of the FDA deeming rule?
    • Are shops and/or manufacturers that you purchase from shutting down?

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0 have signed. Let’s get to 1,500!
At 1,500 signatures, this petition is more likely to get picked up by local news!