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Stop the genitalia mutilation of U.S. Boys: Circumcision is SEXUAL ASSAULT!

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       Although overwhelming research has enlightened most Americans (58%) to the fact male circumcision is nothing more than needless and harmful genitalia mutilation, millions of fragile helpless infant male babies in the United States are still forced against their consent into a surgical procedure at the request of uninformed parents-misled by cash seeking doctors. 

      The male infant has not the power to defend himself from the sexual assault taking place upon him and his body at the hands of doctors. The same people who should find the practice repulsive and in violation of the American Medical Association's code of ethics; however, the practice quietly continues right here in America! 

        Every human should have the right to make informed decisions regarding their own genitalia, and cutting a child's penis without informed consent is a human rights violation of the highest order! Similar to getting a tattoo or a piercing, legal only at the age of 18, a permanent mark personalized for the individual, some people want tattoos and some people do not. Few men want to be circumcised, however, most men do not. Since baby boys are not sexually active, there is little difference medically speaking of waiting until the age of 18 (for consent) to perform a circumcision. Yet, there is an overt legal  difference...LEGAL CONSENT! We can deduce that circumcision is a violation of a man's body because we do not see long lines of the 58% uncut U.S. males waiting in front of hospitals begging to be circumcised! Any man age 18 can get circumcised, so if circumcision is so great...then why are the 58% of uncut men not clamoring to get circumcised? It's simple, they DON'T want to be cut and they are glad their parents protected them! So protect your child too; because deep down inside... your son will respect you for it! 

           The psychological effects of infant penis mutilation cause life long scars so deep that many circumcised men refuse to step up to the plate to stop the practice out of shear embarrassment, as we have seen over the past decades, leading to the continuance of this disgusting sexual assault. Some men don't even know they were victimized until they fully understand what happened to their sex organs as a child. This is simply because never having a certain part of a sex organ makes understanding the proper function of that organ quite impossible-since genitalia mutilation is irreversible. 

            The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) has not endorsed circumcision for over two decades; yet, this money generating practice of baby boy genitalia mutilation continues unabated. Here's the official word: The American Academy of Pediatrics states that existing scientific evidence demonstrates few medical benefits of the procedure, and those benefits are not significant enough to recommend circumcision as a routine procedure. Since the AAP consists of doctors who have made money from the practice of cutting female and male baby genitalia themselves over the years, they are staying just far enough back to avoid lawsuits while hoping male circumcision will simply "fade away" and not set off a chain reaction of lawsuits against fellow doctors. This explains why the AAP still struggles to find anything they can to help slow infant genitalia mutilation while not directly supporting the lewd act.  Therefore, the procedure is clearly not recommended and the weight of the law should rest on protecting our children--not on protecting the practice.

     The victims: U.S. male babies who are circumcised, their penis' surgically cut in a circular pattern, the prepuce nearly cut off completely (aka "fore skin"-which is not just skin it has over forty thousand nerve endings). The mutilated prepuce can no longer function properly to protect the tip of the penis from scaring, drying and uncomfortable skin cracking. There have been over two thousand reported cases where the doctor cut the entire head (glans) off of the infant child's penis. Disturbingly, cases where this has occurred one will find nothing more than a report stating that there was "excessive bleeding during the circumcision" ...and a man not willing to publicly discuss the damage to his genitalia . As an adult, certain side effects lead to significant sexual dysfunction, including but not limited to painful erections, diminished control of ejaculations, erectile dyfunction (ED), more aggresive thrusting during sex, painful vaginal insertion (painful for both male and female) and unnatural stretching of skin [all depending on how far back the prepuce was cut-based on doctor preference]. There are many other medical complications related to circumcision too lengthy to discuss, especially if you are one of the many men who lost the entire head of their penis' or suffered an infection as a result of circumcision. 

        The profiteers: Doctors, who collectively bring in hundreds of millions of dollars annually by performing the ruthless procedure, skin care manufacturing companies and pharmaceutical corporations who purchase the "fore skin" for medical research and researchers who have been declined human embryos for stem cell studies. These companies are cashing in on the victims who they leave behind.  Please help protect our children's genitalia from corporate America.

       Sign this petition and tell America that cutting a baby's genitalia is a crime! Tell America that we are ready to abolish this disgusting sexual assault of our American baby boys.  Stop falling for the rumors: Circumcision does not do anything other than sexually victimize a child. Circumcision does not prevent the AIDS/HIV virus. Circumcision does nothing to prevent the Human Papa Loma Virus. Circumcision does not curb masturbation. The Bible does not suggest cutting your child's penis for God. Circumcision does not help "keep your baby's private parts clean"--giving your baby boy a warm bath works just fine. In addition, the prepuce actually protects the highly sensitive glans from fecal matter within a diaper, significantly reducing irritation. Most baby's are not circumcised anymore, so you don't have to worry about your "natural" baby boy being made fun of in the locker room. Actually, cut boys are being made fun of more often because they have "Smaller" private parts than the 58% of uncut U.S. Boys. Attractiveness is in the eyes of the beholder, so if a woman feels her man's penis is more attractive circumcised, then this is a decision to be made by that couple at the appropriate age (age 18). 
     Parents: If your only reason to let those very convincing doctors start cutting on your baby's penis is because you think your son's penis will "Look Better", do your son some justice... tell the doctor you will put the $400 in a savings account and give it to your son when he turns 18; the age when he should be allowed to decide whether or not cutting parts off the end his penis is right for him. 

      I think everyone can agree on one thing...that cutting parts off a baby's genitalia is disgusting and lewd! Male neonatal circumcision is a sexual assault that has lasting effects, and should be a felony crime in the United States of America.

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