Stop the fireworks scourge from FireOne and others in Trinidad & Tobago

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Our original petition specifically called for FireOne Fireworks to be prohibited from trading at #9 Saddle Road in Maraval.

Given the swift and broad response from people from all over the country, we have updated this petition (27/12/2017) to join with other citizens who — seeing the chaos in enforcing the existing, inadequate fireworks laws — are calling for an outright ban on fireworks use. This would preserve citizens’ rights to quiet enjoyment of their homes, and help conserve foreign exchange, which should be prioritised for things like medicine, food, and other necessities — not fireworks. 


However, if the authorities will not implement an outright ban for the good of all, we call for the following reasonable measures to bring at least some relief:

1.     Only silent/noiseless fireworks should be permitted to be sold or discharged by any person or organisation, under any circumstances (including for events by state and private entities)

2.     FireOne and other retailers should be prohibited from selling fireworks in areas where it is illegal to discharge them (including in Lower Maraval), far less in insecure tents

3.     There should be limited days and times when people can set off silent/noiseless fireworks — eg for only one hour Divali night, or Ole Year’s Night, or Independence night

4.     The existing fines for breaking any fireworks-related laws need to be significantly increased

5.     The duties and taxes on the importation and sale of fireworks et al should be increased significantly

6.     Increased resources must be made available for the authorities charged with enforcing fireworks laws.


This indescriminate use of fireworks endangers the safety and wellbeing of our elderly, our animals, our young, and our infirm. We stand for peace over Christmas, New Year's, and year-round. We stand for safety. We stand for security. Please — stand with us!


NB: the text of our original petition can be found here.