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Stop the extermination of Norwegian predators!

From May until now in the middle of July 2011 is given hunting licenses for 45 bears. 
Five bears killed in a week..
In the worst case scenario this is 40% of today's few bears remaining in Norway. We only have between 100-200 left. ( maximum of around 160 possibly proven exists.)

It is given 16 killing permits for bears in Norway only in July. One every day! It is given 21 hunting permits in June. It was given 8 in May. This is just for bears.
During these spring / summer months that is not yet over. It shows a clear and as expected escalation of extinction after the new "predators Settlement" of the government.
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The minister of the "department of the environment" Erik Solheim accelerates it with an expanded season for lisenced hunt bears from 21 August already this year. What are the politicians in Norway doing?

This is the "predator Settlement" in practice. It does not take long before the politicians have removed the last few surviving predators in Norway with this pace.
It is a shaming list. All these species are sacrificed for the norwegian farmers who refuse to take responsibility for the animals welfare while grazing. Totally unprotected, and not looked after during the season, as always. And not least for politicians who cheer this solution.
This is a summer where sitting politicians can be damaging and destroying our threatened predators for good.

Each 10. sheep! disappears on rangeland in Norway, in countys like
North Trøndelag annually. Only 5% of lost animals
documented by predators. Most others are simply NEVER
FOUND. ie 90% - and even with these yearly facts, the government continues to promote predators such as being "the problem"-and killing the few threatened species off. And with a wide acceptance of the lack of supervision and shepherding.

With 130,000 sheep dying each year in Norway out in the forests and on the mountains (2 millions let out most with no guarding) where approximately 30 000 of them are presumed taken by predators, which
naturally eat what is placed in the wild. why is it nothing done to reduce the
largest loss of 100 000 animals that die of other reasons in norwegian nature each season? As is 3x as much?

It is accepted by Norway's politicians that these annually
suffer and die. it is only the 30,000 possible taken by our endangered predators, ( and dogs) that eat from nature's food basket, and do not know that it is illegal to eat them. And is punished with euthanasia
the only thing reacted to.

Many lambs and sheep freeze and starve to death in winter
because they have gone stray. Other is killed in traffic, are way off, killed by dogs, and can be a cheap dinner for Norwegian guest workers along the road. etc. etc. etc.
There is no control on the animals and therefore no control of their destinies.
Instead of caring anything about the suffering animals undergoes due to lack of fencing and supervision, politicians and farmers sacrifices the few predators that are
remaining, as scapegoats for the farmers who are unwilling to protect and look after their own animals.
Now it is almost no predators left in Norway


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    Lars Peder Brekk

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