Stop the expansion of ULEZ to Greater London

Stop the expansion of ULEZ to Greater London

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Why this petition matters

Started by James Birch

This expansion of the ULEZ charge to Greater London is a sickening way to further exploit money from the public who are getting battered by a wave of increased living costs. It’s unacceptable to keep pushing these agendas onto the general public and forcing them to pay out more money, where does it stop? It stops here!

The cost of living has dramatically increased, fuel costs, energy, groceries, home insurance, car insurance, inflation rates, council tax, National insurance increases the list goes on!

The South East is one of the most expensive areas to live in and now you expect family’s, single parents, widows, teenagers, businesses, OAP’s to try and find 1000’s of pounds to buy a new car, van or other transportation, having to sell their current vehicle which will devalue due to these policies and then buy a newer more expensive vehicle. The general public are loosing twice! Or face an extortionate daily charge!

It’s sickening and disappointing that the only way you can think of to achieve your personal agenda is to hit the pockets of people who work so hard to have the simplest things in life. Be more creative and find new ways to tackle environmental change!

You’re putting 100,000’s of thousands of small businesses at risk as well as the public, do you even consider some of the other increases below?

House prices have increased by 5.5%

House rent has increased by 6% and could increase another 4% by the end of this year

National insurance increase 1.25%

An additional health and social care levy UK

Increase in council tax planned circa 2.99%

Broadband set to increase circa 9% by most suppliers

Inflation 7%

Rail fares increased by 3.8% in December 2021

Fuel increased 15% over the last 2 years

When you look at the health care sector as an example, wages have only increased 3%. Take a wage of 24,000 per annum, 3% takes their salary to £24,720 per year. That’s an increase of 39.95 take home per month.

Do you think all the above living cost increases are going to be covered by £39.95 per month wage increase? Not to mention this will actually reduce when National insurance contributions are increased!

Food increases alone will write off this increase! According to personal finance site Nimblefins, the average family of four would spend around £151 each week on food—£99 on the weekly shop and £52 on restaurant and takeaway meals. Or £604 per month.

If inflation hits 7% this will rise to £646.28.

You’re destroying lives and livelihoods as well as mental state, at a time when we’re just coming out of a global pandemic and there’s a war in Russia/Ukraine which sets to increase the cost of living further.

It’s simply unacceptable, the answer isn’t to keep charging the public, it’s time to stand up to these rules that have had no media exposure!


2,668 have signed. Let’s get to 5,000!