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Stop the eviction of a cat colony that has been at CVS for eight years

Spay/neuter and returning cats to a cat colony is the only proven method of reducing the cat population. Relocating the cats (if that was even possible) would only leave the space for other cats to move in and would surely cause needless suffering and death to many of the cats that are there now.

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CVS Pharmacy
CVS Corporate
STOP the EVICTION of a cat colony that is well cared for and has been there for eight years.

Approximately 25 cats living in a well-managed colony on Long Island (outside NYC) are facing imminent loss of their home. The order to remove them was issued on July 18. The cats are not creating a nuisance, but they do not want them on CVS property. The cats have been living behind CVS for the past eight years and the caretakers were thanked for getting the colony fixed and cleaning up the area. CVS was well aware that the cats were there and it had never been a problem before.
The cats, all spayed and neutered, have nowhere else to go. Removal of their shelters and feeding stations would put their survival at risk.
It has been proven that once cats are removed other unaltered cats take their place. These cats do not spray, fight or reproduce. They do not harm anyone. They also keep away rodents and other unwanted pests.
There is no reason why CVS, the cats and the customers can't continue to coexist. We implore you to let the cats remain to live out the rest of their lives in peace.

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