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Stop the Euthanization of healthy, non advertised Animals at Campbell Co, TN Shelter

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Concerned citizens of Campbell County demand an investigation into the Campbell County Animal Shelter and it's practices of no advertisement of animals to give them a chance for adoption. Euthanasia within 3 days or less and suspicions of no anesthesia with heart stick and sometimes in front of other animals. Possible breed discrimination and euthansia in most cases without a chance or time for adoption. No pictures on Petfinder, only one person is allowed to take photos of only some animals and rarely. Little or no basic medication or simple medical care upon entrance. Very little or no volunteers or photos allowed, and discrimination on who can volunteer and take photos to share. Possible discrimination in allowance of who can or can not adopt an animal and differences fees for adoption. Records should be made public on numbers of animals euthanized or adopted, and complete records kept on all animals. Possible  acts of extreme animal cruely with animals having no heat in the winter and delievering frozen babies on a cold hard concrete floor. Possilble and reported instant euthansia, along with unclear use of funds that should be used for animal health and care. Volunteers are not allowed in although requested, photos by citizens are not allowed. Prices change on the adoption of the animals depending on the Shelter Director Betty Crumley's mood. Rules change at the shelter depending on her mood. Cat carcuses are sold for $3 to a company for profit and for disection. 700 cats were sold between the months of Aug-Oct. of this year alone. Cats are trapped and killed on the spot reported by owners and citizens. Practices at this shelter are criminal and inhumane, not to mention the suspicion of illegal use of funds and cover up of funds. Only today a friend of mine was told to adopt an animal she should bring $95 in CASH and she was driving from Knoxville and is a Knox co. resident. She was told she had to use the local vet for a 6 week old kitten that is not ready to be spayed. She was told they preferred cash and that her family vet was not to be used. We are a group requesting entrance to volunteer, photo and share, and care for animals and are being blocked out of the shelter and refusing any help from our local officials while these horrors are continuing.

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