Stop the development at 33 Bakewell Street, Cranbourne

Stop the development at 33 Bakewell Street, Cranbourne

17 August 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Emma Balogh

I am a parent of children who attend Cranbourne primary school. My concerns are below.

There is a proposed development of a 3-story building at 33 Bakewell Street, Cranbourne. This building will contain 17 dwellings, made up of 13 one bedroom and 4 two bedroom dwellings. I fully support having more housing to support the homeless, but directly across from the school is the wrong location.

The school already puts in a great deal of time and money to manage rubbish and shopping trolleys in the local area and our beautiful school surrounds will be ruined by additional houses, particularly those planned for people without cars. There is no plan to manage hard rubbish, glass, or physical confrontations directly opposite the main entrance to the school.

This building is directly opposite the school and will overlook the school. The people who live on the top floor will have windows that directly look onto the school grounds. This is a huge safety concern.

As a parent I am concerned for my children's safety. I understand the need the specialised housing, but I don’t think that it should be directly opposite a school with young and vulnerable children. 

Cranbourne primary is the oldest school in Cranbourne. It first opened in 1890 and moved to its current location in 1969. The area and houses surrounding the school have an older style, neighbourly atmosphere.
This 3-story building will look totally out of place and ruin the vibe of the area.

This building only has 10 car spaces allocated to it, insufficient for residents, staff and carers. Parking is already limited. This will impact the safety of our children crossing the roads before and after school. 

Enrolments will suffer if this building goes ahead. I know as a parent if I was looking to enroll my child at a school, it wouldn’t be a school that is directly opposite a 3 story building housing people with mental health and drug issues.

Staff and students will be affected if this is allowed to go ahead. The building time alone will take months. There will be trucks blocking up Bakewell Street. There will be lots of noise as the current building will have to be torn down and then the new one built. This will cause significant disruption to students and staff.

This development should not go ahead in the proposed location. There are so many other locations in Cranbourne this house could be built, including new estates going up every year. This is the wrong location for this building.

We only have until 30th August to get as many signatures as possible. Please share and ask any friends and family to sign. I must submit all signatures and this petition by September 1st. 


Thank you for reading and signing.

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Signatures: 91Next goal: 100
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