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Tens of thousands of indigenous people from Sarawak, Malaysia, are threatened with forced displacement as the Sarawak government moves ahead with plans for 12 massive new dams. These dams will devastate the traditional homelands of native communities, drown pristine tropical habitat, and generate dangerous methane gas, a dangerous climate polluter.

Despite the fact that there is no demand for the power that would be generated by the new dams, dam builder Sarawak Energy continues to press forward with these destructive projects. This is no surprise, considering that the corrupt chief minister of Sarawak, Abdul Taib Mahmud, and his family stand to make a fortune by using the electricity to expand industries they own. The recently completed Bakun Dam was dubbed a “monument of corruption” by Transparency International.

Indigenous communities from across Malaysian Borneo have come together to form the SAVE-Rivers network, to fightfor their land rights and against the Sarawak dams. Take action now, and support the SAVE-Rivers movement by demanding that decision makers stop these destructive dams

Letter to
CEO, Sarawak Energy Berhad Torstein Dale Sjotveit
Executive Director, International Hydropower Association Richard Taylor
Chief Minister of Sarawak Abdul Taib Mahmud
and 1 other
Prime Minister of Malaysia Dato' Sri Najib Razak (Prime Minister of Malaysia)
I urge you to take action today to stop the construction of dams across Sarawak. I am deeply concerned about the impact that these dams will have on indigenous communities, Sarawak's unique ecosystem, and on our global climate. You have the power to to open energy planning to the full participation of affected people, to publish your environmental impact assesments, to fully respect native rights, and to do full options and needs assessments to choose alternatives that reduce social and environmental impacts as much as possible while still meeting Sarawak's energy needs.

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