Stop the deportation of Twane Morgan, former Commonwealth soldier in the British Army

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Twane Morgan is a Jamaican man who came to the UK in 2003 as a visitor. He joined the British Army as a Commonwealth soldier in the next year. As a result of being a Commonwealth Soldier in the British Army he became exempt from immigration control as after 5 years service in the British Army he would be eligible for British citizenship.

Twane served in the British Army including two tours in Afghanistan until 2007. He was discharged from the army due to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).  Unfortunately, he did not receive any post-army care.

In Sept 2011 he received a 6 year prison sentence (but served 3) for defending himself against his ex-partner's father who had attacked him with a hammer. They had both been drinking at the time. He was handed a deportation order to Jamaica in December 2014.

Twane has no relatives in Jamaica.  His five children are British as is his long term partner and his sister Tenisha and they all live in the UK. 

The courts have accepted that when Twane left the army he was not clear which paperwork to fill out so he did not pursue British citizenship. Twane has been left with no immigration status and deemed to be an overstayer. Judges at his appeal and the High Court have expressed pity and regret that there is no redress for him under the law. 

I'm a human rights campaigner and National Chair of BARAC UK (Black Activists Rising Against Cuts) who is supporting Twane and his family stop his deportation. We believe that given Twane's circumstances, he should be given leave to remain in the UK and British Citizenship. We are also calling for a change to the law, so that Commonwealth soldiers who serve in the British Army and other armed forces  but who are discharged on medical and / or mental impairment grounds are  exempt from deportation after service and are allowed British Citizenship as they would have, had they served their full term. 

Twane's case and this change to the law is supported by his local MP, Preet Gill.

Please support our call to grant Twane British Citizenship and to change the law so nobody else  from  Commonwealth countries, who joins the British armed forces is treated like this.

This petition is initiated by;
Tenisha Morgan (sister of Twane)