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Stop the deportation of Milad Bastamie to Iran


Milad Bastamie is set to be deported to Iran on July the 5th.
We want to put a stop to this action because of the great risk that it represents for him.

-The Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada has admitted that Milad had a “minimal implication” in the events following the Iranian elections of 2009. That is sufficient to put him at risk upon his arrival to Iran.

-The deportation is being carried with the use of Canadian temporary documents, which will further arise suspicion on Milad’s case by the Iranian regime.

-The records of the federal court, in which Milad appealed, are public. This means that the Iranian government could access the information and recover Milad’s opposition to the regime in the court. This would further jeopardize his safety.

-Amnisty International have strongly advised NOT to carry deportations to Iran, because of the high risks of torture and mistreatment that Iran has proven capable of in the past.

Therefore, we demand that the government of Canada postpones the deportation of Milad, at least for the time being to procure him Iranian documents.

Thank you for your support.

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