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Stop the Deportation of Jaime Martinez!

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JAIME MARTINEZ is a loving husband and father of four children: Giovanni, 18-months, Jaime, 3, Yuliana, 5, and Isabel, 6. His wife Jennifer and their children are all U.S. citizens. Jaime has worked the same job for the last nine years, and is the sole breadwinner for his family. Jaime is well liked, respected, and active in his community. But Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) wants to deport Jaime back to Mexico. On February 16, 2012 he was detained while leaving work and has been held by ICE since then. 

The Obama Administration recently said it was focusing its immigration enforcement resources on the highest priority cases: threats to national security and public safety. They said they would not deport people with strong family and community ties in the United States. So why are they deporting Jaime?

Jennifer and Jaime have been together for fourteen years, and still refer to each other as the love of their life. Jennifer doesn't know how to explain to her children why their father is gone and why they can only see him through the glass at jail. She doesn't know how to tell them he may soon be so far away they won't be able to see him at all. They are suffering terribly- crying uncontrollably and even physically sick - from the stress of the seperation from their father.

Please help us keep Jaime here for his family. ICE has the authority to use their discretion not to deport Jaime. Factors they can consider include family ties, humanitarian concerns and community supoort and attention. Signing this petition will help us to show ICE that there is widespread public support for Jaime to remain in the United States with his family. This is where you can help.

We are asking that you support Jaime by signing this petition urging ICE officails to exercise their discretion and not enforce Jaime's removal order. The fact that Jaime came to this country unlawfully should not outweigh how important he is to five U.S Citizens and how much he is liked and valued by his community. It would be devestating to his family, and all those who know him, if he is deported. Justice demands that Jaime be allowed to stay in the United States to care for and provide for his family.

Please sign this petition AND call, fax, or write the following people and ask them to listen to Jaime's family and his community and allow him to stay in the United States. Please make sure to include Jaime's full name (Jaime Martinez Espinal), and his case number: A095-290-399.



Andrew Strait, ICE Public Advocate:; fax: 202- 732-4263

John Morton, Director, ICE: 

Janet Napolitano, Secretary of Homeland Security: 

Congressmen Herb Kohl and Ron Johnson

 Representative Tom Petri



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