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Stop the Deportation of Bita Ghaedi to Iran!

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"It is frightful to live in Iran for female, there is not any law, organization or community which wants or can support them and it is nightmare for me to think about my father, brother, and my husband as well. I am pretty sure it is benevolent, advisable and godly for them to kill me if I won't be arrested."

-Bita Ghaedi

An asylum seeker in the United Kingdom, Bita Ghaedi conducted a hunger strike for up to a month because she was terrified of being tortured and killed if she is forced to return to Iran. Guess what? She is being forced to go back now by the British government.

On April 16, despite more than 2700 petition signatures sent to UK Foreign Secretary David Miliband, Bita Ghaedi was detained and set for deportation this coming Tuesday, April 2010 on Flight BD931.

The 34-year-old has endured beatings and mental torture at the hands of her family and could be hunted down and killed by her father, brother and uncle should she return to Iran. There is no reason to deny her asylum claim.

UK Foreign Secretary David Miliband has the power to intervene and set things right for Bita Ghaedi. But he has refused to take action so far maybe because he is too busy campaigning for elections to be held next month. It is time to up the ante on David Miliband:

Here are some things you can do

1. Make the calls: (0191) 456 8910 to David Miliband and 020 7035 4848 to Alan Johnson. Jam their phone-line and fill up his mailboxes.

Sample message: "As a citizen of the United Kingdom, I am concerned about the deportation of Bita Ghaedi back to Iran. She was circumscribed, bound, tortured, and scarred by pervasive gender-based violence in Iran. Her political activities mark her as an opponent of the current regime, and also one who will face certain execution upon return to Iran. Bita has numerous reasons to fear for her life if she is returned. I urge you to intervene and stop her pending deportation to Iran which is this Tuesday."

2. Send David Miliband a message on his Facebook account.

3. Tweet Miliband via

4. Gather for EMERGENCY DEMO MONDAY 19th April 2010. Assemble at the Home Office, Marsham Street, London @ 10am. Demo to continue until deportation flight takes place at 7PM the following Tuesday - Flight : BD 931 at Terminal 3.


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