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Stop the demolition of Lincoln Center in El Paso, Texas.


Lincoln Center, formerly known as the Lincoln Park Recreation Center, located at 4001 Durazno Street at Lincoln Park, is one of last public structures of the large community that once lived there before urbanization projects like the creation of I-10 and the creation of the Spaghetti Bowl and the road to the U.S. Port of Entry, forever divided the community.  

Interstate 10 came through the community in 1966 and hundreds of homes were affected.  The Lincoln Park community once bordered by Concordia Cemetery to the North, and the Ziegler Union Stockyards to the West, was a flourishing community comprised of mostly adobe buildings as early as the late 1800’s.  

The Lincoln Park addition was filed with the City of El Paso in 1909 and Lincoln School was built in 1912—next year the school will celebrate 100 years of existence.  We want the City of El Paso to stop the demolition of this important center and to seek ways to re-open it for the community. 


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