Stop the Delay on Donations to Japan

Stop the Delay on Donations to Japan

March 14, 2011
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Started by Masaya Uchino

Around the world, people like you and me are responding in any way we can to help Japan. But one of the easiest ways to help - texting to give by mobile - actually isn't the help it sounds like.

During the response to Haiti, cellphone companies processed mobile donations to relief organizations right away. But for Japan, they aren't making this same exception and it could take as much as 90 days for donations to reach people in need.

Please help convince them to immediately processes donations so donations reach where they are needed now.  

For more information visit the mGiving Foundation: "How long does it take for my charity to receive the funds? In response to the Haiti Relief Effort, carriers are remitting  donations immediately to nonprofit organizations.  Generally, the typical time frame for remittance is based upon the billing cycles of the donors and can take, on average, 90 days from time of donation for the charity to receive the funds."

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Confirmed victory

This petition made change with 65,685 supporters!

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