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Petitioning Illinois State House and 14 others

Stop the dangerous and cruel running of the bulls in the Chicago area

Have you heard about this dangerous, cruel bull run event that's set to take place in cities across the US including Cicero (near Chicago)? The Chicago area one is in 2014, and that means there's plenty of time to stop it!

Despite what the organizers may want you to believe, this is dangerous and cruel.

You have to sign a "waiver of liability" because the organizers know that it's a crazy idea. The waiver says this event involves "stampeding animals, including bulls, steers, cattle and horses in tight spaces." If you read the fine print it even says (their caps, not mine): "THE EVENT IS A HAZARDOUS ACTIVITY..." But they still want to try to make money by any means possible, right?

It's also cruel because these animals are going to be running scared through crowds of loud and unpredictable people (how many people will be drunk or on drugs, I can't even imagine). Does anyone think the right way to treat an animal is to surround him with screaming crowds who run around like crazies? It's a traumatic experience for these animals for sure.

Please sign to ask the Town of Cicero to stop this event.
And ask the Hawthorne Race Track to do its part, too.
Neither of them nor the event organizers should wish such danger on human beings or animals.

Sign and share. Thank you.

Letter to
Illinois State House
Assistant Marketing Manager Savannah Short
Marketing Manager Rhonda Sosnowski
and 12 others
Assistant General Manager John Walsh
President & General Manager Tim Carey
Business License Officer Jerry J. Jarosz
Director, Animal Welfare Erika Rosas
Town Trustee Dennis Raleigh
Town Trustee Victor Garcia
Town Trustee Larry Banks
Town Clerk Maria Punzo-Arias
Town President Larry Dominick
Illinois Governor
Illinois State Senate
Cook County
Stop the dangerous and cruel running of the bulls in the Chicago area. This is dangerous and cruel for people and animals.