Stop the Dana Reserve Development as Currently Designed

Stop the Dana Reserve Development as Currently Designed

August 3, 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Kelly Sleeth

The Dana Reserve Project is a proposed development project which covers 288 acres on the westside of Nipomo between Willow, Sandydale, Pomeroy, Hetrick and Cherokee. A Final Environmental Impact Report (FEIR) was prepared for the project, which determined 6 Un-mitigatable, Significant impacts including:

Air Quality
Greenhouse Gas Emissions
Land Planning 
Biological impacts 

This project will increase the population of Nipomo by at least 18%

This project will fill up our already at capacity schools

This project will increase traffic on Tefft, Willow and other smaller connector streets as the additional 4,000 people from the development have to access shopping and gas on Tefft and schools like Dorothea Lange and Nipomo Elementary from this new development.

This project increases the jobs and housing imbalance in Nipomo, meaning commutes on 101 will continue to get worse as this project dramatically increases housing without increasing jobs at the same rate.

This project will remove over 3,000 oak trees (and an additional 750 could be impacted during construction). 96% of oak woodland on-site will be removed. 97% of the sensitive Burton Mesa Chaparral on-site will be removed. Pismo Clarkia, a federally endangered plant will be impacted by the project.

This project will alter the overall rural nature and feel of Nipomo.

The social and economic benefits do not outweigh the significant impacts this project will have on the existing community members and native habitats. Sign the petition so we can show the county and the developer that Nipomo is against this project as designed!


Support now
Signatures: 2,150Next Goal: 2,500
Support now