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Petitioning Chair of Board Anthony Mayer and 6 others

Stop the cuts to frontline supported housing staff at One Housing!

One Housing Group, which provides housing, care and support across London and the southeast, has asked 250 of its 1,000 staff to accept pay cuts of up to £8,000!

One comment from a staff member was that if they signed the new contract,  “it will mean my family going without! "

Unite Housing workers have contacted the Advisory Conciliation and Arbitration Service (Acas) in the hope that it will be able to facilitate and mediate further negotiation, but in a display of utter contempt for the workforce One management has flatly refused to even attend talks. 

“Instead of working with us, One management is stubbornly sticking to the position that there is no mileage in further negotiation as it has fulfilled its obligation to ‘consult’. This intransigence leaves us with no option but to ballot our members for industrial action.”

Throughout negotiations, managers have consistently failed to provide any rationale, whatsoever, for slashing wages other than, 'it's the market'. 

Managers seem unaware that they themselves are creating 'the market'; both in falling wages for frontline staff and, at the other end of the scale, in grotesquely inflated salaries for themselves.”

Unite members have twice overwhelmingly rejected the management’s proposals and now the management has arbitrarily announced that it intended to impose salary cuts of up to £8,000 for 250 of the frontline staff from February 2014.

This will mean putting our members further into the poverty with the general rise in the cost of living and at risk of losing their homes and not ironically, becoming clients of the services they provide!

This is at the same time as a pay increase that the chief executive has accepted of £31,000 increase.  Please support our call to stop the pay cuts!

Unite Housing workers has also initiated a wider campaign to stop this ongoing race to the bottom for social and supported housing and demanding Sector Standards, please show your support for that too.  

Unite housing workers can be contacted at


Letter to
Chair of Board Anthony Mayer
CEO Mick Sweeney
Board Member Jayne McGivern
and 4 others
Board Member Vijay Sodiala
Tenant Member Carol Yarde
Board Member Nigel Pantling
Board Member Nichola Southwick
To: Anthony Mayer (Chair of the Board), Mick Sweeney (CEO), Jayne McGivern (Board Member) & Carol Yarde (Tenant member) of the Board
Stop the proposed salary cuts!

I am writing to express my concern over the proposed cuts to pay of 250 of your supported housing workers. I believe that these pay cuts are unjust and un‐necessary.

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