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An investigation carried out by the BUAV in 2009-2010 has obtained shocking evidence of the cruelty and suffering involved in the trapping and breeding of wild monkeys on Mauritius. Each year, thousands are torn from their families and jungle homes and either exported directly for research or imprisoned on farms to produce offspring to be exported to laboratories around the world, where they will likely suffer and die in experiments.

Mauritius is the second largest supplier of primates (long-tailed macaques) for the research industry in the world. The monkeys are primarily exported to the USA  and  European Union (including the UK, France and Spain).

Ask the Prime Minister of Mauritius,  Dr. The Honourable Navinchandra Ramgoolam, to end his country's involvement in this cruel trade.

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Letter to
Prime Minister of Mauritius Dr. The Honourable Navinchandra Ramgoolam
I am shocked by the findings from the investigation by the BUAV into the trade in primates for research in Mauritius.

The trapping of wild monkeys is extremely cruel and causes great suffering. The conditions in which captive primates are kept fail to meet the many complex behavioral and psychological needs of these highly intelligent and social animals.

Your government may be unaware of the ultimate fate of its monkeys. I urge you to consider the pain and suffering that is inflicted on them in overseas research laboratories. For example, many will be used in toxicity tests which involves the forced ingestion, inhalation or injection of potentially lethal chemicals.

I appeal to you to ensure that immediate action is taken to put an end to this appalling cruelty and ban the capture and export of primates. I hope that you will be moved not only by the findings of the BUAV investigation, but also by the impact they will have upon Mauritius's international reputation.

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