STOP the Cruel Squirrel killing contest in Germantown, NY! STOP The Squirrel Scramble!

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The Town of Germantown, New York has organized a squirrel killing contest (Squirrel Scramble) in the name of “family fun”! This barbaric, cruel, senseless and environmentally terrorizing money grab is being advertised to children as well with the opportunity to win a cash prize for the heaviest set of squirrels killed. Encouraging the participants to out do one another in the slaughtering of the maximum number of the largest squirrels allowed. Tell the Town of Germantown, New York and Columbia County to leave New York's wildlife alone!

New York residents and Americans from all over the country are outraged and have been asking Germantown, NY to cancel this cruel event. New York Residents and the campaign to protect New York’s Wildlife are of the opinion that encouraging fellow Americans who are financially struggling in the middle of a pandemic and an economic depression to resort to terrorizing wildlife for cash relief is not only bad governance, but degrades the social fabric of society by involving children in animal cruelty and environmental destruction.

There are so many fun activities that families can engage in; hiking, climbing, ice skating, kayaking, picnicking, biking, snowboarding, canoeing, swimming, playing basketball, volleyball or soccer that does not terrorize wildlife. You don’t have to destroy wildlife and senselessly murder innocent sentient beings to “have fun”!

Please join us by emailing, tweeting, calling officials and asking them to step in and speak up for New York’s wildlife, eco system and thousands of residents, constituents, and activists that are asking for this event to be canceled. This cruel event reflects poorly on the state of New York and Columbia county’s image and will harm its tourism industry as thousands have pledged not to plan future trips in the town due to Germantown’s involvement in animal cruelty and the destruction of wildlife and our eco system.

Thousands of environmental and wildlife advocates are scheduled to hold a protest on Feb. 26th to cancel the event. Please join us to save New York’s wildlife. The location of the protest will be released by the campaign shorty.

In the mean time, please email, call and tweet your officials and Germantown and Columbia country’s board members and respectfully ask them to protect our wildlife and cancel this barbaric and destructive contest.


Supervisor Robert Beaury: 518-537-6687 Ext 1001.

NY Department of Environmental Conservation:
Albany Office: (518) 402-8545
NYC Office: (718) 482-4900

Basil Seggos , Commissioner: 518-402-8545
Executive Deputy Commissioner - Judy Drabicki: (518) 402-8560
Chief of Staff, Environmental Justice - Sean Mahar: (518) 402-8549
Director, Intergovernmental & Legislative Affairs - Jane McLaughlin: (518) 402-2797
Deputy Commissioner, Administration, Management & Budget & Operations - Jeffrey Stefanko: (518) 402-9401
Deputy Commissioner, General Counsel - Thomas Berkman: (518) 402-9185
Deputy Commissioner, Remediation, Mineral Resources & Materials Management - Martin Brand: (518) 402-9401
Deputy Commissioner, Office of Hearings & Mediation Services - Louis Alexander: (518) 402-8537
Deputy Commissioner, Air Resources, Climate Change & Energy - Jared Snyder: (518) 402-2794
Deputy Commissioner, Public Affairs - Erica Ringewald: (518) 402-8000
Deputy Commissioner, Natural Resources - Katie Stone Petronis: (518) 402-8533
Deputy Commissioner, Public Protection - Steve Smith: (518) 402-9401
Deputy Commissioner, Permits & Regional Affairs - Vacant: (518) 402-8549
Deputy Commissioner, Water & Watershed Programs, Basin Commissions - James Tierney: (518) 402-2794
Regional Director, NYC - Stephen Zahn: (718) 482-4949


Germantown NY Supervisor, Robert Beaury:  518-537-6687 EXT

Germantown NY Town Clerk,  Joyce Vale:   518-537-6687 EXT

Columbia County Board Chairman, Matt B Murell:  518-828 1527

Columbia County Clerk Holly C Tanner: 518-828-3339

Assembly member Didi Barrett: 518-828-5329

NYSenator Daphne Jordan:  (518-371-2751) and 518-455-2381

Columbia County:  518-371-2751

Governor Andrew M. Cuomo:   (518) 474-8390 

Senator  Kirsten E. Gillibrand  (202) 224-4451 

Senator  Schumer   (202) 224-6542 

Lieutenant Governor of New York, Kathleen C. Hochul: (518) 474-8390 


Take action today!



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Thank you very much for taking action for squirrels who deserve to live a natural life free from harm.



Due to the overwhelming amount of attention and support that the Campaign to “Stop the upcoming Squirrel Scramble in Germantown, NY” has been getting, the official campaign is set out to answer questions and correct misinformations in regards to the faux-facts that attempt to justify this cruel contest.