Stop the cruel killing of squirrels in London's Royal Parks

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The humble grey squirrel that resides in London’s Royal Parks is loved by so many people - especially children. People often visit the parks to interact with the urban wildlife; to watch squirrels’ entertaining antics with interest, photograph them, and feed them. Indeed, squirrels can be so tame, that it's a common sight to see one climb up someone’s leg to share a sandwich! Animal therapy is also highly beneficial for people suffering from depression and other mental disorders - interacting with squirrels has helped me an awful lot. 

But there is also a hidden, dark side: did you know that the Park Rangers put up traps to kill these innocent squirrels? This includes culling pregnant squirrels or lactating mothers, whose crying babies will slowly starve to death. The traps are sometimes visible at just 7-10 feet in the trees, causing distress to children and adults alike. This practice is barbaric, cruel, and evil.

A freedom of information request shows that between 2013-2017, 1270 squirrels were killed in Bushy Park, 1262 in Richmond Park, 550 in Hyde Park, 531 in Kensington Gardens, 319 in Greenwich Park, 211 in St James's Park, and 82 in Regent's Park.

Whatever your personal view on grey squirrels, they do not deserve to be killed, as there are other non-lethal alternatives available.

Having had contact with representatives from the Royal Parks, they refuse to meet up with any organisation or individual to discuss more humane ways (such as contraception) of dealing with grey squirrels. This is unacceptable! Please sign this petition to put an end to this unnecessary killing.