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Started by Olaide Kayode

On the 5th of April 2022, the Nigerian House of Representatives has reported by the Sahara Reporters on that same day has proposed a new bill. The Draft bill sighted by Vanguard Ng reporter wanted Section 4 of the SAME-SEX MARRIAGE PROHIBITION ACTB [SSMPA] which in its 2 sub-sections criminalizes LGBT organizations and Public show of affection to be altered by inserting after the existing sub-sections a new sub-sections, stating:

  1. " A person shall be deemed to have committed the offence [Crossdressing] publicly where it is published or displayed publicly notwithstanding that it was committed privately or in any place that would have ordinarily been described as private"
  2. "Provided that this section of this Act shall not apply to cross-dressing in the course of a stage play or in any bona fide public entertainment"

This is a direct target of the already victimized minority Trans/Non-binary persons in Nigeria. As the bill vaguely describes "Crossdressing"  as to be amended in Section 7 of the SSMPA as:

  1. Crossdressing means the practice of wearing clothes usually worn by a person of the opposite sex


While the bill is being publicized as the [Crossdressers Bill], its contents targets specifically the already criminalized, economically unfavoured, silenced Trans/GNC persons in Nigeria. 


Nigeria as a country is currently in a socio-political dilemma and it's sexual minorities are being used as collateral. This pattern of criminalization has been seen as in the case of the firts ACT in 2014 i.e The SAME SAME MARRIAGE PROHIBTTION ACT.


The new bill if passed will jail Trans/GNC nigerians for up to 6 months  or they pay a total of 500,000 Naira.

Considering how already the socio-political atmosphere reflects the economically injustices faced by Queer Nigerians like unemployment, homelessness, poverty amongstb others, if this bill is passed, it will furtherly make life harder for Queer Nigerians who will now have to face a double increase in the ever increasing state-actors induced violations on the matter of SOGIESCS.


Freedom of Expression is a fundamental human rights and no ine should be exempted by the state to enjoy this.

Make Nigeria safe for everyone ! Regardless of Sexual orientation/sexuality/gender identity/Expressions.



596 have signed. Let’s get to 1,000!