Stop the cover-up. Demand justice for Jeffrey Epstein's victims.

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Jeffrey Epstein apparently killed himself rather than face justice, but what about the rich and powerful who were complicit in his crimes. Who’s investigating them?

Why has nobody been charged yet? Why haven’t Ghislaine Maxwell, in the video above, and Epstein’s cadre of procurers been indicted?

The Department of Justice says it’s pursuing justice in this case. But if the Justice Department were actually exacting justice, then the procurers and perpetrators in Epstein’s pedophile network would be facing multiple indictments six months after his death. Why aren’t they?

Nobody is above the law in the United States and Epstein’s powerful child trafficking co-conspirators must be investigated and brought to justice for molesting underage girls, some reportedly as young as twelve years old.

It’s time to end the Epstein cover-up. The children who were abused by the Epstein network deserve justice—all victims whose sexual abuse has been covered up deserve justice.

Children cannot be abused with impunity. Demand an end to the Epstein cover-up. Demand justice for the victims of Jeffrey Epstein.