STOP the construction of the biggest "vivarium" for Vivisection in Europe

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The Centre for Neuroscience, from Champalimaud Foundation, is building a Vivarium (Biotério), in Azambuja, where animal testing will be practiced, with all the cruelty embedded in it, to achieve objectives that could be easily achieved - effectively and ethically and compassionately - through another forms of research.

It is unthinkable and unacceptable to spend almost 27 million Euro, coming from public funds, to build a Vivarium (Biotério), in the situation the country finds itself. Those funds should revert to Education and Health, instead of implementing practices that, in addition to not creating any wealth, work, or scientific innovation, will only bring suffering and pain to fragile, weak and helpless animals.

I come therefore to ask everyone's help to prevent the construction of this Biotério, and to stop animal experiments, which will further tarnish the image of Portugal in the world.

A vivarium is a place where animals are bred and kept (including rats, dogs and rabbits) with the purpose of being used as guinea pigs in animal testing.


The competencies of a vivarium:


- The creation and maintenance of laboratory animals to be sold / transferred to laboratories for experimentation;


- Ensuring the supply of equipment and facilities necessary for its operations on laboratory animals;


- Ensure compliance with the law in force in the creation and maintenance of laboratory animals as well as the standards of the national authority in animal houses;


- Keep record of entry and exit of all animals.


Although the law requires that there is an ethics committee to monitor the proper functioning of laboratory practices, internal auditing in practice this is reduced or absent in almost all domestic animal breeding.


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